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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz
ISSN: 1678-8060
EISSN: 1678-8060
Vol. 108, No. 5, 2013, pp. 600-604
Bioline Code: oc13104
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
Document available free of charge

Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Vol. 108, No. 5, 2013, pp. 600-604

 en Antischistosomal activity of a calcium channel antagonist on schistosomula and adult Schistosoma mansoni check for this species in other resources worms
Silva-Moraes, Vanessa; Couto, Flávia Fernanda Bubula; Vasconcelos, Marah Mileib; Araújo, Neusa; Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zech; Katz, Naftale & Grenfell, Rafaella Fortini Queiroz


Current schistosomiasis control strategies are largely based on chemotherapeutic agents and a limited number of drugs are available today. Praziquantel (PZQ) is the only drug currently used in schistosomiasis control programs. Unfortunately, this drug shows poor efficacy in patients during the earliest infection phases. The effects of PZQ appear to operate on the voltage-operated Ca2+ channels, which are located on the external Schistosoma mansoni check for this species in other resources membrane. Because some Ca2+ channels have dihydropyridine drug class (a class that includes nifedipine) sensitivity, an in vitro analysis using a calcium channel antagonist (clinically used for cardiovascular hypertension) was performed to determine the antischistosomal effects of nifedipine on schistosomula and adult worm cultures. Nifedipine demonstrated antischistosomal activity against schistosomula and significantly reduced viability at all of the concentrations used alone or in combination with PZQ. In contrast, PZQ did not show significant efficacy when used alone. Adult worms were also affected by nifedipine after a 24 h incubation and exhibited impaired motility, several lesions on the tegument and intense contractility. These data support the idea of Ca2+ channels subunits as drug targets and favour alternative therapeutic schemes when drug resistance has been reported. In this paper, strong arguments encouraging drug research are presented, with a focus on exploring schistosomal Ca2+ channels.

Schistosoma mansoni; antischistosomal drugs; calcium channels antagonists; L-type calcium channels; nifedipine

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