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Australasian Biotechnology (backfiles)
ISSN: 1036-7128

Guide to authors

Original Papers

Australasian Biotechnology invites readers to submit short original papers on business, legal, regulatory, and financial aspects of biotechnology; overviews of biotechnology in the region; surveys; public perceptions of biotechnology; educational issues; current issues surrounding biotechnology; and short reviews of progress in different areas of research in biotechnology. These papers will be refereed. Decision on their acceptance following referee’s reports will be made by the Editors. Papers may be required to be altered by the author before acceptance by the journal.

Total length of the papers must not exceed four printed pages (including all tables, figures, photographs, references, headings and title). Papers longer than this will be returned to authors without refereeing unless prior arrangements have been made with the Editor. The journal offers rapid publication and full refereeing of original papers. Publication within four months of receipt of manuscript will be normal. The journal is covered by the major world abstracting services.

The following format should be used for papers:

Title of Article: capitals

Authors: initials and surnames, lower case

Address: lower case

Abstract: maximum 150 words, describing aim of paper, what was done, what were findings and conclusion (an Abstract MUST always be provided).

Introduction: this is not to be a literature review, but should be used to set the paper in context, and should contain no more than about four references

Materials and Methods: methods should not be given in full, use references wherever possible, unless the paper is primarily one describing new techniques

Results – Discussion: These two sections may be presented separately or combined. The Discussion should only draw conclusions which are in accordance with those presented in the Results. Speculative statements or statements on future plans should be restricted and clearly separated from discussion of results.

Acknowledgements: please give credit where it is due.

References: these should be given in the following manner

  • Articles in Scientific Journals:

    Smith, A.B., & Jones, X.Y. (1985) The colorimetric determination of pyruvic acid J.Biol.Chem.,25, 335-340. (give full journal name when you are uncertain of its abbreviation). Abbreviations should follow international rules – (see Biosis List of Serials).

  • Book Chapters:

    Smith, A.B. (1983) Erythromycins. Chap.26 IN "The Determination of Antibiotics" edited by A.B.Jones and X.Y. Allwrong (XYZ Press: New York) pages 123-146. Books, monographs, reports:

    Smith, A.B. (1990) "New Methods in Microbiology" (Blowfly Press: London) 295 pages Jones, X.Y. (1987) "Oxalic acid production by fermentation: progress report" CSIRO Division of Fermentation Technology Report FT14 (Melbourne) 56 pages References should be listed alphabetically. A numbering system should not be used. Excessive numbers of references should not be given in an article. Aim to keep below 12 references. In the text, references should be referred to as follows:

    (Jones, 1979) – single author
    (Jones and Smith, 1979) – two authors
    (Jones et al, 1979) – three or more authors
    (Letters a,b etc should be given after the year if more than one article by same author in any one year)

    Submission Procedure

    1. Two copies, double-spaced typewritten manuscript accompanied by 3-1/2" floppy computer disk, IBM compatible in MS Word. Preferably, the electronic copy can be sent as an email attachment to:

    2. Photographs, Figures – photographs and figures should be submitted on separate sheets and should in a form suitable for direct reproduction without size alteration. Appropriate legends and descriptions for each figure and photograph should be clearly attached. Colour reproduction of photographs is not normally possible without additional charge. Photographs and figures may be sent electronically as email attachments, preferably in jpeg format. Please do send them by a separate email (not accompanying the paper). The large byte size of photographs can sometimes be rejected by the system. Please always identify the photographs and figures that you send to us clearly

    3. Papers should be addressed to: The Editor, AusBiotech Ltd., 576 Swan Street, RICHMOND, Victoria, 3121, Australia. Emails to:

    4. Review Papers and longer articles
      Authors planning such articles should contact the Editor prior to submission. Review papers will normally be by invitation only. It is a policy of Journal management to restrict the acceptance of long articles only to those specially commissioned by the Journal. It is considered that there are adequate publishing outlets internationally for longer articles and research papers.

    5. Reprints
      Free Reprints are not provided to authors. However, authors can order reprints from AusBiotech prior to publication of their article. Details on request. Up to six complimentary copies of the Journal issue are provided to authors on request.

      For the most up-to-date information on submitting a paper to Australasian Biotechnology, please consult the publishers website.

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